Noel and Mike

Project details

Entire apartment renovation


East 49th Street and 2nd Avenue
New York

A room with a view on 49th Street

Inviting glimpses inside this couples eastside retreat merge into dramatic walls of floor-to-ceiling windows, leading to a private-balcony and New York City skyline.

Noel’s apartment with husband, Mike, is featured here to highlight richness of texture, choice of decorative materials, personality and dramatic transitions, from room to room. Interior Designer, Richard Carpenter, and Home Improvement Contractor, Claud Fatu, seamlessly collaborated with us on this project. Hired as sub-contractors, at the time, we were charged with the day-to-day transformation-work, as Richard and Claud organized design (R.C.) and administrative duties and project-overview (C.F.), respectively. We’d also like to acknowledge Igor’s wallpaper and painting team for their fine contribution and for joining us in this makeover.

Our take-away and memorable experience during this renovation was 2 weeks after Noel and Mike got back from their Caribbean vacation. As work was already in progress, the couple was shacked-up at a hotel a few blocks away from there home. While kitchen finishes were still being decided-on and (while) on the phone with Claud, Noel walked in one afternoon with what I referred to, at the time, as “the breath of fire”. It was clearly time to finalize all decisions and move forward, full-speed ahead. Thanks to Noel and Mike for equal parts trust, support and maintaining the intention that everyone involved benefit and grow exponentially from this experience and our memorable collaboration.