Graciela C

Project details

Cellar adaptation, back yard and top floor build-out with roof terrace


Riverside Drive
New York

Hudson River views

Graciela’s River View home on the Upper West Side evokes memories of Carrara marble tiles, custom-made aluminum-louvered doors, a made-to-order spiral staircase leading to the backyard, textured paint finishes for elevator-walls, picture-window cellar lights and grow-lamps.

Like a rich canvas, this project continues to open and evolve into other areas of the house, including the garden and pointing-work in the rear of the building.

Thank you Graciela and Architect, Richard Lewis, for your creativity and ease with which you facilitated preparation, planning and access to all the projects that followed our initial work at River View.

Clearly, our indelible experience here was the day we, first, proposed taking-on cellar-renovation-work and, latter, on completion-day, 3-months latter. As it goes, we were initially hired to complete small tasks within the main areas of the home.