Our story

With every project we are part of the renewal of some of the most vibrant areas

We started our company on July 31, 2000. Since then we've been able to serve and gain the trust of New Yorkers living in brownstones to highrises, throughout New York.

We opened our doors in 2000, responding to a job proposal and inviting-in all the questions that help to shape what makes our apartments and houses feel like homes. We’re celebrating 21 years of service in 2021 and are looking forward to our next chapter with passion, continued growth, and plenty of adventure.

Prior to transitioning into his current work in home and apartment renovations, Greg Vabre worked in retail merchandising in New York City and in Europe for 7 years. From that experience, Greg brings a keen eye for detail and aesthetic, and flexibility and instinct for transforming spaces into a cohesive and cozy environment.

A home connotes a multitude of visions and emotions. For some, it ought to be a comfortable place for a good summer escape or an abode for true romance. For others, a home encapsulates something playful and unexpected. Greg Vabre does exactly that - we love a welcoming, well-grounded environment that nurtures us. Like no other, the places we connect with are a license to dream, enquire, discover who we are and warm-up to those we really love.

Thanks for checking us out and for staying connected. What questions/experiences come-up for you when you imagine what’s possible in your new digs?

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