xSITE is an ever-evolving platform of visual communication. Inspired by the cross-cultural make-up of its members, xSITE teams up creative problem-solvers from a variety of disciplines to cater to your particular needs. At a time when technology is rendering the world closer, xSITE serves as a model of international collaboration where ideas are exchanged to produce attainable visions.

Recognizing the strength in an integrated model, our goal is to combine all services associated with advertising, design, marketing and communications. A creative consultancy that focuses on branding issues: the subtle interplay between personality, symbolism, communication and behavior. Issues concerning identity and image are characteristically complex and are best resolved by using the knowledge and expertise which leads to surprising and impressive solutions.

xSITE’s core business is the development of branding scenarios using visual identity, advertising, publishing, environmental design, packaging, new media, marketing and identity management as the building blocks.

For Greg Vabre we were asked to create a new identity. Looking at the core business of the company we wanted to give a constructed look and used a modern stencil font. The perfect font to di-cut into material and have a sense of space, after all Greg Vabre is working with spaces. To compliment the identity program a sheet of specific icons was designed to embellish the simple, black and white logo. Depending on mood and moment different icons can be applied to collateral and packages and give each item a personal message. With these visual items the branding can keep a fresh unique character for years to come.

For additional recognition the tagline “Built in…” is supporting all branded material. Especially for the website a useful tool to reiterate the Greg Vabre brand.

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